Ilja Karilampi @ La Plage, Oct 21

, 20 October 2015

A new Paris art space La Plage brings a solo show by artist Ilja Karilampi, titled Truss Mi Daddy and opening on October 21.

The Swedish visual artist (now based in Berlin) makes a practice of exploring popular culture through different media, using what could be construed as underground or at least “local” iconography—like his Spätkauf exhibition in all his works, including video, installation, music and performance.

For Truss Mi Daddy, his first solo show in Paris, Karilampi plays with his personal blend of pop culture and transient expressionism, something Downtown Ilja, his Berlin Community Radio show, has become known for.

See the La Plage website for (minimal) details. **

Ilja Karilampi, Espressen (2015)
Ilja Karilampi, ‘Espressen’ (2015).