Ian Cheng @ Pilar Corias, Oct 13 – Nov 14

, 13 October 2015

American artist Ian Cheng opens a new solo show called Emissary Forks At Perfection, running at Pilar Corrias Gallery from October 13 to November 14.

The show is Cheng’s first solo exhibition in the UK and premiers a new live simulation that comes as the second episode in a series of works dedicated to the history and the future of cognitive evolution. It is composed, the press release states, “of two contradictory forms: a simulation of a darwinian playground disturbed by an atavistic human; and a deterministic story of an emissary’s emerging consciousness”.

The two forms attempt to coexist on the same landscape, continuously threatening to destabilize and mutate the other, the story escaping its fixity, the simulation sculpture to narrative needs —”a sudden pattern of feelings may grow inside you,” the press release concludes, “with or without you”.

See the exhibition page for details. **

Ian Cheng, 'CEO & Ceong (study 1)', (2014 ). Courtesy Pilar Corrias, London.
Ian Cheng, ‘CEO & Ceong (study 1)’, (2014 ). Courtesy Pilar Corrias, London.