Inger Wold Lund, ‘Riding so slowly it hurts’ (2015) audio tour

, 26 August 2015

“What is your favourite fantasy?” asks one of the nameless characters of Berlin-based Norwegian artist Inger Wold Lund‘s ‘Riding so slowly it hurts’ audio tour, downloadable online at (embedded below) with the password ‘Yes’ or ‘Ja’ from August 26. A woman’s voice, Lund’s, whispers erotic stories intended for an inner ear on a public train, Berlin’s S41 of the Ringbahn specifically. It’s a looping route in the shape of dog’s head that takes an hour and circles the A-zone “drawing a line around the city, you being placed on the outer edge”, according to the artist recording. “If you live in the city, it is likely that sitting on this train you are circling the people you know”.

‘Riding so slowly it hurts’ concerns those people you don’t know. Those faceless, nameless, sometimes genderless bodies that Lund and her listener encounter in a series of spoken vignettes observing and recounting not only sex with strangers but those small obsessions with hands, clothes, gestures, a dog, we might harbour alone and in private. Accompanied by sounds mixed and created by Claire Tolan as part of her Space Perlin Noise Residency in London, Lund’s breathy voice hovers over the flick of a lamp switch or the crunch of dead flowers. Tolan is an ASMR artist who explores the possibilities of said autonomous sensory meridian response phenomena on her ‘You’re Worth It‘ show on Berlin Community Radio and contributed a track to Holly Herndon‘s recent Platform album.

The ‘Riding so slowly it hurts’ soundtrack is a journey into the particularities of pleasure derived from things, a sort of object fetish that triggers the brain through what you can hear. “I like it when I discover needles from pine trees on my skin while in the city. What do you like the most?” **

Inger Wold Lund’s ‘Riding so slowly it hurts’ audio tour, with sounds by Claire Tolan, was published online on August 26, 2015.