‘Riding so slowly it hurts’ @ S41 / S42, Aug 26

, 24 August 2015

‘Riding so slowly it hurts’, an erotic audio tour of Berlin’s ringbahn S 41 / S 42 by Inger Wold Lund and Claire Tolan, will be released digitally on August 26.

The audio tour was created by Wold Lund with additional sounds created and mixed by audio and ASMR artist Tolan, who also collaborated on Holly Herndon‘s recent Platform album, and is an intentionally adult content intended to be listened to in the public realm. On August 26, a password will be released to the webpage that is hosting the tour—www.S41.berlin—after which the entire one-hour erotic audio tour will be available for download in both English and German.

The hour-long duration corresponds with that of the S41/S42 circuit through Berlin, taking you from your starting point along the entire circle of the ringbahn and back to where you started.

See the website for details and to download the tour. **