‘A journey based on irony and suspense’ @ LMU, Jul 22

, 20 July 2015

amaCollective and David Price are teaming up to organize a film screening titled ‘A journey based on irony and suspense’, taking place at the Lecture Theatre of London Metropolitan University on July 22.

Exploring how faithfully the structure—be it of a film or a soundtrack—represent a distinct narrative, A journey based on irony and suspense comes as part of the 6pm Your Local Time Europe contemporary distributed art exhibition, taking place in art institutions, galleries and studios all over Europe at the same time under the hashtag #6pmeu.

The event brings a screening of the collaborative effort of a handful of artists, featuring video and sound works by Agata Cieslak, Stephen Kavanagh, David Price, Andy Roche, Sebastian Rozenberg, and Dan Scott to “challenge the perception of reality and fiction, encouraging the viewer to embrace an endless series of possibilities, interpretations and vivid investigations”.

See the FB event page for details. **