Katy Grannan + Sjoerd Knibbeler @ Foam, Jun 26 – Aug 23

, 29 June 2015

This past weekend, Amsterdam’s Foam opened two new photographic exhibitions, with Katy Grannan‘s The Nine and The Ninety Nine and Sjoerd Knibbeler‘s Digging Up Clouds, both running from June 26 to August 23.

With The Nine and The Ninety Nine, American photographer Grannan brings her newest series outside the United States for the first time. Her striking portraits, often of people were taken on old highways of California —route 9 and route 99, specifically—along which she met the people “somehow living on the fringes of society” that she photographed.

Alongside Grannan’s photographic series is the work of Sjoerd Knibbeler, whose Digging Up Clouds series takes natural phenomena as its subject in an attempt to visualise the invisible. With works taken from Knibbeler’s various projects, including the Current Studies and Paper Planes series, the exhibition is an example of ‘constructed photography’, with simulations of wind, clouds, and tornados through fragile constructions with paper, plastic and fibreboard.

See Grannan’s exhibition page and Knibbeler’s exhibition page for details. **