Chez Deep: ‘Four Walls’ (2015)

, 12 May 2015

Filmed for aqnb and Video in Common by director of photography Daniel Rampulla and second camera Tyler Mariano for the Money Makes the World Go Round series, ‘Four Walls’ explores the unique practice of a house shared by Chez Deep.

You can see each performance in full below or watch Part 1 of ‘Four Walls’ here.

Alexis Penney

Alexis Penney, musician, writer, performer, yoga teacher, lip-syncs in the Chez Deep house to ‘I’ve Got to Have You’ by Carly Simon.

Sam Banks

Sam Banks, a dancer originally from California, dances on the roof of the Chez Deep house to ‘Vigipirate’ by Vitalic.

Colin Self

Colin Self, a New York-based new media artist, performs in the Chez Deep house accompanied by ‘Americans’ by Oneohtrix Point Never.

Bailey Stiles

Bailey Stiles, dancer, performs by the window of the Chez Deep house to ‘Yearning of the Sword’ by Yo-Yo Ma and Tan Dun.

Art and economics is central to the Money Makes the World Go ‘Round series –exploring art and artists in a global market in collaboration with Video in Common –to publish every fortnight from the last day of March to July, 2015. It features artists and collectives from cities around the networked world. **

Watch the performances embedded above or see the accompanying editorial videos starting here for Part One.

Chez Deep is a performance troupe based in New York.

This project has been made possible through the generous support of Arts Council England.