Chris Hood + Carl Mannov @ Rod Barton, May 8 – Jun 13

, 7 May 2015

Rod Barton gallery is opening a new two-artist exhibition with Chris Hood and Carl Mannov, running at their London space from May 8 until June 13.

The show will present new paintings by Hood and new concrete sculptural works by Mannov. And though the two artists are working in different media, each of their respective forms explores “what an image is, how it can be constructed and how that is informed and translated in the digital age”.

While Hood’s thinned-out paint-on-canvas works draw from both the history of painting and the iconographies of pop culture, recalling both Color Field abstractions and Van Gogh’s thick strokes, Mannov’s concrete tablets explore loose composition and “unpredictable visual returns” through sunken reliefs with inward rifts.

See the exhibition page for details. **