Meisterschule @ Gillmeier Rech, Apr 9 – 18

, 7 April 2015

Berlin’s Gillmeier Rech is bringing a new Meisterschule series to its space, with four different classes lead by five different artists running between April 9 and April 18.

The first class, titled ‘A Short Guide to Writing (Positively) about Art (You Like)’ and kicking off on April 9, is led by New York-born Max Schreier, with a three-hour discussion and workshop focusing on developing positive and thoughtful art writing. The second class, titled ‘Antifun Walk’ and led by Stephan Janitzky and Max Schmidtlein, takes place on April 11 with a walk in a “defined area” with “straight rules”.

The third class, taking place on April 12 and led by Berlin-based artist Marco Bruzzone, is titled ‘Mosse e Mossette (A formal study for a set of emojis after E. Sottsass’ Bacterio)’ and takes four classes given by designer and architect E. Sottsass in 1982 on the avant-garde and the bourgeouisie appropriate as its inspiration. The last class, on April 18, is led by artist Lindsay Lawson, called ‘Things in Themselves’ and uniting Lawson with guest Erika Eiffel (who married the Eiffel tower) for an open forum on “the subject of the inner experiences of objects”, Kant’s idea of the thing-in-itself, Objectum Sexuality, etc., taking the Berlin Wall as its point of consideration.

See the FB event page for details. **