Leslie Kulesh @ Et Al, Apr 3 – 18

, 2 April 2015

San Francisco’s Et Al gallery space is bringing in artist Leslie Kulesh for a solo exhibition titled It’s What’s Inside That Counts, running from April 3 to April 18.

The sculptural and performance artist – recent exhibitions include current group shows at Supplement, and Generation & Display, as well as Vanity Fair / Demo Mode with Saemunder Thor Helgason and last fall’s solo “Glamourshotz”©®™ exhibition at Lima Zulu – has created a series of stuffed fabric works featuring minerals vital to our everyday life.

Each wall piece contains a tin oxide used in smart phones, one crystal of Cassiterite, and several rare earth magnets, combining to change the “electromagnetic charge of the gallery space”. The title refers to the dizzying fact that these widespread tech items, full of toxic minerals, actually come from the earth itself, and that crystals coming from the same place are then used by the new age community to “self-heal”.

The exhibition is accompanied by an artist talk with Kulesh on April 12. See the exhibition page for details. **