WE WANT A FUTURE…@ Taylor Square Toilet Block, Mar 5

, 3 March 2015

Flaming Times is bringing a new exhibition – or “utopian visioning exercise” – called We want a future that outlives our past to Sydney’s Taylor Square on March 5.

The art exhibition takes place in front of the old toilet block at Taylor Square, populated by seedy, urine-stained brick blocks that are now in the talks of being turned into…cafes. The show describes itself as: “A collection of notices from noticeboards sourced from multiple queer utopian future worlds as envisioned by a flaming rainbow of curent (sic) queer artists and makers.”

The party will be one of imagining a better world on Oxford St. before it “disappears for good/the worse/in hetero property developer flames”. Amongst the fourteen exhibitors are Holly Childs, Vicki Papa, Anna Helme, and Sarah M Harrison.

See the exhibition FB page for details. **