Keston Sutherland @ Cell Project Space, Feb 21

, 19 February 2015

British poet Keston Sutherland is coming to Cell Project Space for a performance reading inside Natalie Dray’s current exhibition, starting at 5pm on February 21.

For this performance, Sutherland will be doing a reading from his latest work in progress, titled ‘Jenkins, Moore and Bird’, described as a “metrical proposal for managing the full disclosure of the hidden relationships between the Qatari sovereign wealth fund, sanity, the former Chief Executive of Barclays Capital’s Private Equity Group, the suspended general secretary of UKIP, art, and the dream analogues of the Monte Carlo-based ex-star of ‘For Your Eyes Only'”.

The poet and Professor of Poetics at the University of Sussex has carved out a unique style, blending familiar and classic modes of poetry with slogan-like lyrics of protest, as well as the vernacular of stock market exchange and information technology.

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