Common Grounds @ Villa Stuck, Feb 12 – May 17

, 11 February 2015

Munich’s Museum Villa Stuck is bringing a group exhibition celebrating the diversity of art coming from the Gulf region with Common Grounds, running from February 12 to May 17.

Curated by Verena Hein, the show is intended as a sort of reckoning of the way in which the Western world manipulates and censors coverage of the Gulf region. Twelve artists, some of which are introduced to the German public for the first time, counter this exoticisation of the east through their work.

The exhibition title refers to the concept of “grounding” in communication theory, and the works featured test whether “communication partners” do in fact share common knowledge and whether a “global realignment”, as changes in the Gulf region are thought by some to be, is possible.

Participating artists include Iranian installation artist Parastou Forouhar, Tehran-raised Babak Golkar, Palestinian artist Hazem Harb, German-Egyptian artist Susan Hefuna and artist, writer nd Gulf Futurist Sophia Al Maria.

See the exhibition page for details. **

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