Kevin Gallagher @ Lodos Gallery, Feb 6 – Mar 21

, 4 February 2015

Mexico City’s Lodos Gallery is bringing artist Kevin Gallagher in for a solo exhibition titled square shape faint aroma, running at the art space from February 6 to March 21.

Gallagher’s work tends to take installations as its primary medium, working through everyday objects and materials to create works that evoke contemporary creations of the digital age. An emergency blanket, styrofoam, abalone shells, speakers, mp3 tracks, granulated sugar, paracetamol, salt crystals, LED lights, lenses, cast resins, wood, vacuum-formed plastic shapes, paint, door hinges and chewing gum will all combine to form a kind of digital-looking collage in material world.

By way of press release, Gallagher only released a private letter written to a ‘Fran’ that mentions his recurring use of material that creates “a spatialization or visual poetic display of a certain sublime horror of commerce/consumerism available in 21st century virtual marketplaces”.

He continues: “I locate this horror in the potential transmission and also transmutability of just about anything, all available to you when navigating such a site.”

See the Lodos Gallery exhibition page for details. **