Phoebe Collings-James @ Italian Cultural Institute, Jan 19 – Feb 1

, 19 January 2015

Artist Phoebe Collings-James will be showing her latest ceramics show, Choke on Your Tongue, at London’s Italian Cultural Institute from January 19 to February 1.

The solo show comes as part of a series of conversations at ICI, including Gabriele de Santis’s On the Run, also presented by ARTUNER. And like the shows before it, Choke on Your Tongue will be preceded by a discussion with famed curator Sir Norman Rosenthal, about the cultural resurgence of ceramics in modern and contemporary art as an antidote to the increasingly digital age.

Collings-James’s show, which follows some of her more interdisciplinary work, comes after her residency program in Nove, Italy, supported by the ICI. As an artist who previously worked in sculpture, painting and video, Choke on Your Tongue “exists as a proclamation, a suffocated desire of a kept expression”, expressing her frustration with herself at the time, as a woman and as an artist. “Through the presented painting and sculpture,” the press release reads, “the artist seeks to develop this feeling centred on her continued investigation into language, communication and sexuality.”

See the ICI London event page for details. **