Lunch Bytes’ Life: Language @ ICA, Nov 22

, 18 November 2014

The quarterly Lunch Bytes public discussion series continues with Life: Language, taking place at London’s ICA on November 22.

Examining the effects of an increasingly inescapable digital existence, chairperson and writer Elvia Wilk brings a panel of speakers together to talk artistic practice in the digital age. With a special leaning towards the effects of digital media on the evolution of language, Life: Language explores how what is traditionally conceived as a visual domain is  not only “fundamentally rooted in linguistic structures” but is also constantly interplaying image with text and vice versa.

Saturday’s panel features writer Holly Childs as well as artist David Jablonowski exploring how contemporary technologies have affected natural language, including platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, and 4Chan, and the role of complex social dynamics in linguistic mutation.

See the Lunch Bytes events page for details. **

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