Holly White @ Evelyn Yard, Nov 19 – Dec 13

, 17 November 2014

London’s Evelyn Yard is hosting a new solo exhibition by artist Holly White, titled No one is going to go there anymore and running at their  art space from November 19 to December 13.

White is no stranger to the digital pages of aqnb, and her name pops up on the contributing lists of over a dozen events from the last year, including her DJ-production project, Goth Tech, at Alt Frieze party in October, her collaborative book+exhibition project with Megan Rooney in September, and contribution to the (networked) EVERY WHISPER IS A CRASH ON MY EARS anthology.

For No one is going to go there anymore, which consists of an installation and videos, White has released an abstract text to introduce the show:

“We have a good relationship with Baskin Robbins, um, they have an outlet in every one of our complexes. Which is good for me because – I get a discount!
Will ice cream still be popular? Um, well, let’s hope it will be (laughs). Um, I think it will be, (thoughtful) yeah, I’m sure it will be. Everyone loves ice cream.”

We found a derelict ice cream shop and sat in the basement. We made friendship bracelets off the freezer handles.

See the exhibition FB page for details. **