Reboot Horizon @ Cell Project Space, Nov 13 – Jan 11

, 11 November 2014

London’s Cell Project Space is following up its renovations with a new group show, titled Reboot Horizon, running from November 13 to January 11.

The group exhibition brings together the works of three different artists exploring the “increasingly conflated physical spaces of retail, business, and leisure” that have evolved from nature through corporate branding.

Santiago Taccetti‘s raw mountain fragments come not from the natural but from the digital, serving as a sort of “information compression of geological form”. Similarly, Alice Khalilova‘s work marries the virtual with the digital with her blend of Eastern philosophy and streamline technology, where the work of the third participating artist, Marte Eknæs, re-presents fragments of architecture and product design co-opted for corporate profit.

See the Cell Project Space exhibition page for details. **

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