Alfred Boman @ Union Pacific, Nov 6-Dec 20

, 5 November 2014

Alfred Boman will be showing his latest solo exhibition titled Sales Executive Sex Goblin at London’s Union Pacific, running from November 6 to December 20.

The Swedish-born artist escapes definition, or so says the curatorial team behind his latest show, made up of Grace Schofield and Nigel Dunkley. “It is very hard to begin to describe his practice,” writes Schofield. “It is best to come into his world. And that’s what we have tried to create with the show. You have to experience the works in the flesh.”

Even so, a basic description will do, and Boman’s work tends to come through bright abstracted paintings and sculptures that walk the fine line between the sublime and what is traditionally perceived as being in bad taste. Described – to the artist’s bemusement – as stain glass windows, ‘African’ prints, and Aztec-inspired patterns, his canvases seem to effortlessly fuse the aesthetic influences of a globalised world.

See the Union Pacific website for details. **

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