Luke Diiorio @ Anat Ebgi, Nov 1 – Dec 20

, 3 November 2014

New York-based artist and RCA graduate Luke Diiorio is presenting his first solo exhibition at LA’s Anat Ebgi gallery, opening November 1 and running to December 20.

Exploring the utilitarian and handmade, the visible and concealed, Diiorio’s meticulously folded canvas and linen compositions present as structures that “cease to operate as the materials they resemble”. These folded walls not only dissolves the “functional flatness” of their own surface as a space for content but becomes obscured by its own structure.

Inspired by Agnes Martin’s hand-drawn gridded pieces and “deeply imbued with indexical traces” of gesture, Diiorio’s exhibition becomes a tautology of form as content in “repetition that oscillates between opposites”.

See the Anat Ebgi website for details. **

All images: Luke Diiorio solo exhibition (2014) @ Anat Egbi. Courtesy the gallery.