Hike, Hack / Hic et Nunc @ XPO gallery, Oct 9 – Nov 26

, 7 October 2014

The Hike, Hack / Hic et Nunc group show will be running both online and at XPO Gallery in Paris from October 9 until November 26.

Curated by Alexis Jakubowicz and Jean-Brice Moutout of the Parisian curation office NonPrintingCharacter, the group exhibition features a small selection of artists “working as a device for observing art tip over into an information system” designed to show that the modern condition of creativity and aestheticism is not one of movement but of piracy.

The works of the featured artists – nine in total, including Pierre Clément, Guillaume Collingon, Manuel Fernandez, and Jill Magid – aren’t displayed in the gallery space, so to say, but “applied to it” a kind of art-world version of ‘the emperor with no clothes’:

“The kinds of people who “do” galleries, as they “do” shopping or sport, will walk in and see only a wall… The exhibition is there; it’s just shut off from universal experience so that it’s directly experienced by a small number only, admitted at the sole discretion of the gallery-keeper.”

See the FB exhibition page for details. **