Ed Fornieles @ Chisenhale Gallery, Sep 18 – Nov 9

, 16 September 2014

Artist Ed Fornieles opens his first UK solo exhibition, Modern Family, running at London’s Chisenhale Gallery from September 18 to November 9.

In Modern Family, as in much of his other work, Fornieles explores the modern Western conception of the ‘good life’ and its material logic of home improvement and capitalism fulfillment with his installation of the distorted family BBQ thriving under an artificial Californian sun.

Playing with scale and spatial perspective to create a “cartoonish landscape of sculptures”, Fornieles invokes archetypal modern families gleaned from pop culture to explore the family unit as a means of reproduction and “perpetuation of social norms”.

Central to Modern Family is the artist’s new online work, which will be presented alongside the sculptures and performances that form the basis of the installation environment, enacting a collapse between online and offline space that is so central to Fornieles’s work.

See the Chisenhale Gallery exhibition page for details. **