Coded After Lovelace @ Whitebox Art Center, Aug 14 – Sep 2

, 14 August 2014

The Whitebox Art Center is hosting the Coded After Lovelace group show at their NYC location, running from August 14 to September 2.

Curated by Faith Holland and Nora O’ Murchú, the intergenerational group exhibition surveys the creative use of technology in art, from Lillian Schwartz’s ground-breaking computer experiments that has laid the foundations of digital art, to the “new media” laser works of Arleen Schloss.

Alongside Schwartz and Schloss is Olia Lialina, a pioneering net artist and theorist, and her plays on the World Wide Web and the GIF format, as well as the subversive 3D works of Claudia Hart, Carla Gannis’ ‘Non-Facial Recognition’ project, Rosa Menkman’s compression and feedback experiments, and the digitally generated images of Jillian Mayer’s ‘You’ll Be Okay’.

See the Whitebox Art Center exhibition page for details. **

Jillian Mayer - You'll Be Okay