Slavs & Tatars: Seksmisja @ Kunsthalle Zurich, Aug 14

, 12 August 2014

Kunsthalle Zurich will be hosting a screening of the 1984 Polish sci-fi film Seksmisja as part of Slavs and Tatars Lektor project on August 14.

The artist group has taken over what will become the public library space of Kunsthalle Zurich for six months with a new version of their audio project Lektor, exploring the complexities and vagaries of language and translation through audio manipulation in the form of live translation.

The live voice-over (also known as the Gavrilov technique) is common in Eastern European television and cinema, and Slavs and Tatars uses the method in three screenings of screwball comedy films all live-interpreted to German, including that of Polish Seksmisja.

Directed and co-written by Polish-born Juliusz Machulski, the satirical sci-fi film tells the story of two time-travelling men striving for male liberation when threatened with sex-change in an oppressive, post-nuclear feminism society.

See the Kunsthalle Zurich event page for details. **

'Mother Tongues and Father Throats' by Slavs and Tatars. Installation view courtesy Kunsthalle Zurich.
‘Mother Tongues and Father Throats’ by Slavs and Tatars. Installation view courtesy Kunsthalle Zurich.