JCHP @ Banner Repeater, May 16

, 14 May 2014

Jeffrey Charles Henry Peacock (JCHP), the collective practice of artists Dave Smith and Thom Winterburn, will be launching their publication, Critical Décor: A Short Organum of Exhibition, at London’s Banner Repeater on May 16. 

The publication is a diverse compilation, visual and written, featuring the works of Terry Atkinson, Richard Birkett, Alex Bowen of Neue Froth Kunsthalle, Michael Hampton, Lynda Morris, Matthew Poole, as well as JCHP itself.

Comprised of poems and prose, as well as images from the exhibition, a series of posters, and two books produced before, during and after the exhibition, Critical Décor is a multimedia exploration of exhibitionism and “the economy of visibility” in the art world.

The evening of the launch will also include 100 editions of the publication to be given away for free.

See the Banner Repeater website for details. **