Mirko Nikolić @ Arebyte Gallery, May 1 – 16

, 5 May 2014

Mirko Nikolić is performing and streaming his All That Is Air Melts Into City across London, archived  and materialised via an installation at the city’s  Arebyte Gallery, opening May 1 and running from May 6 to 16.

As an extension of Nikolić’s continued work in mapping “ecological thought”,  the event aims to do the same with “the intangible circulation of carbon-dioxide through non-human and human ecologies”.

He’ll be performing a series of potential financial exchanges of carbon stocks, documenting the progress and interrogating an increasingly inconceivable economic infrastructure at a more conceivable pace, while drawing parallels with the “temporalities of bio- and atmosphere”.

All this might sound beyond the mental processes of anyone save an economist but the hope is that by bringing these impenetrable trade-routes back from the financial market and down to street-level, a sub-heading like ‘Present Geo-histories of an EU Carbon Stock’ will make more sense.

See the Arebyte Gallery website for details. **

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