Out of Office @ Arcadecardiff, Apr 22 – 30

, 23 April 2014

The Out of Office is on at Cardiff’s Arcadecardiff, running April 22 to 30.

Led by Matthew Britton and featuring Emilie Gervais, Constant Dullaart, Kim Asendorf, Jonas Lund, Shia LaBeouf and more the exhibition is a “micro curatorial platform” using an email auto-reply to  distribute art.

Aiming to “suggest an even more intimate way of distributing and viewing online works”, the focus is on engaging “primarily in the comfort of your own mailbox”, so no need to be on location because the work can also be viewed via rollover links and the mailto: function online at the Out of Office website.

Here your inbox will be greeted by a ‘readme Spam Poem’ or Shia Labeouf’s glitched-out portrait of his back above muscle-bound Google advertising.

See the Arcadecardiff website for details. **