Matthew McQuillan @ Legion TV, Apr 16 – May 24

, 14 April 2014

Matthew McQuillan is presenting solo exhibition, Soft Evidence, at Legion TV, opening April 16 and running to May 24.

Launching from the idea of managing anonymity and privacy in the public realm, the exhibition works across textile installation, pencil drawings on t-shirts, and an audio piece in exploring the condition of being a subject, along with the artist’s own relationship to the blurring boundaries of the interior and exterior domains.

The Soft Evidence sound piece follows the narrative of a publicly shared private encounter as a woman navigates her way out of “the morning after the night before”, no doubt sharing similarities with McQuillan’s SAD lamp performance of At the Table at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre last year.

‘Everyone in the whole world was moving in contracting rings of desire and perspective, soon to bump heads. The trick was to be vigilant, and to keep one’s eyes off the ground.’

Soft Evidence, audio piece

See the Legion TV website for details. **