Economies of Art and Technology @ Waag Society, Mar 28 – 29

, 28 March 2014

The Economies of Art and Technology Collaboration: Politics, Ethics, Power and Propaganda event is happening at Amsterdam’s Waag Society, running March 28 to 29. 

As part of their ICT & Art Connect initiative, the symposium will be exploring a more “human centered” approach to art and technology, featuring talks, performances and workshops looking at the value of collaboration among artists and technologists, over two days.

In interrogating this intersection as a viable and sustainable market, keynote speakers talking about their work, careers and experiences include Harlan Levey, Mitch Altman and Matt Adams of art collective Blast Theory, while workshops and performances will be led by the likes of Luciana Haill, Ivan Henriques, Edwin van der Heide, Raoul Frese and Vincent Friebe.

See the Waag Society website for details. **

Header image: Toastwife 2010.