Welcome to Iraq @ SLG, Mar 14 – Jun 1

, 26 March 2014

Group exhibition Welcome to Iraq is running at South London Gallery, March 14 to June 1.

A re-staging of what was originally shown as part of the National Pavilion of Iraq at Venice Biennale 2013, the acclaimed exhibition presents the multi-media works of eleven various artists, most of whom live and work in Iraq.

Curated by Jonathan Watkins to demonstrate the broad spectrum and diversity of artistic practices in the country, it features controversial photographer Jamal Penjweny, sculptor and filmmaker Furat al Jamil, renowned political cartoonist Abdul Raheem Yassir, and all-surface painter Cheeman Ismaeel.

To complete the spectator’s ostensible passage into Iraq, the gallery is equipped with a salon-like chamber where visitors are invited to rest and enjoy some tea, surrounded by relevant reading material and learning a bit about Iraqi culture.

See the SLG website for details. **