Hannah Black’s ‘My Bodies’ video @ Lunch Bytes website

, 25 March 2014

Hannah Black‘s ‘My Bodies’ video is now online at the Lunch Bytes website.

In expanding its reach to a series currently being held at the ICA, and launched with last weekend’s Medium:Format talk event, the London to New York transplant is an apt bridge between these US and European editions.

An artist and writer behind Further Materials Towards the Theory of the Hot Babe, Black’s ‘My Bodies’ video translates via the sights and sounds of watery grottos and cavernous echo as pop RnB cut-up references to the body travel over a montage of white men’s mouths.

A karaoke instrumental of Ciara’s Body Party dominates,  facilitating a poignant petition to pass through “this dead place” of “scrolling without end” to “keep hold of what it means to have hand eyes teeth”.

See the Lunch Bytes website for details and artist statement. **