Wil Murray @ VITRINE gallery, Mar 6 – Apr 12

, 6 March 2014

Canada-based artist Wil Murray is presenting his first UK solo exhibition Please Boss Remember Me at London’s VITRINE gallery, opening March 6 and running to April 12.

Working mainly in collage and painting, Murray’s approach to his work explores “painting’s relationship to time and object than the production of digital images for immediate consumption”. Building on his site-specific installation ‘Painted Shut’, he redevelops earlier paintings through “a series of time-rich processes”.

Whether a refreshing or reactionary response to a contemporary context, there’s something in an approach to image generation that ignores rather than engages with potentially problematic modern modes of production.

See the VITRINE website for details. **

Wil Murray, 'Painted Shut' (2013).Mixed media Installation.
Wil Murray, ‘Painted Shut’ (2013).Mixed media installation.