Anthony Antonellis @ TRANSFER Gallery, Mar 8 – 29

, 3 March 2014

Anthony Antonellis is presenting his first US solo exhibition Internet of my dreams at New York’s TRANSFER gallery, opening March 8 and running to March 29.

Exploring collapsed dichotomies across, digital and physical space, subconscious and conscious, sleep and awakened states, Antonellis produces a series of paintings and moving images from brainwave recordings of spatial experience within a dream using an EEG neuroheadset.

Drawing out the dreamscape and making it manifest, while presenting it in the public exhibition sphere, the work echoes the pervasive nature of online culture and its intrusion in to and extrusion of the private realm. After all, what could be more private than your dreams?

Read an overview of Antonellis’ work and see the TRANSFER website for details. **