Ulrike Ottringer screening @ ICA, Feb 19

, 19 February 2014

London’s ICA is screening Berlin-based artist and filmmaker Ulrike Ottringer‘s feature length film Ticket of No Return (1979), February 19.

Coinciding with Project Native Informant’s I love you Me either group exhibition, the first of the ‘Berlin Trilogy’ -including  Freak Orlando(1981) and Dorian Gray In The Mirror Of The Yellow Press (1984) -follows the exploits of a bourgeois tearaway across the eccentric bars and nightlife of Berlin.

Ottringer’s most recent feature Under Snow, based in Echigo in Japan, was released in 2011.

See the ICA website for details. **

Header image: Ulrike Ottinger, Ticket of No Return, 1979, 107 min. Courtesy the artist.