Guy Debord screening @ Banner Repeater, Feb 19

, 19 February 2014

London’s Banner Repeater is holding a screening of Situationist writer and filmmaker Guy Debord‘s In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni est, on February 19.

Drawing from the Latin palindrome in reference to a moth’s attraction to flames, “we go in circles in the night, we are consumed by fire”, the film follows an attack on its own audience with personal reflections on Debord’s life and context, using spoken text, images and film clips.

In conjunction with the gallery’s exhibition of Matthew Noel-Tod’s A Season in Hell 3D, showing until April 6, the film’s focus is, as Debord himself stated in 1989, “not the spectacle, but real life”.

Incidentally, Hollywood actor Shia LeBeouf read Debord’s The Society of the Spectacle to some London Fashion students for 20 minutes via Skype last week. In the context of Noel-Tod’s commentary on “the gravitational pull of capital” and a British Airways advertising campaign declaring “The World Is On Sale”, one wonders whether the role of ‘artist’ is too.

See the Banner Repeater website for details. **