Ebola Ape & Moth – ‘Back to Uluwatu’

, 11 February 2014

Polish producer Ebola Ape (otherwise known as ∑B❍L▲ ▲P∑) released a debut LP Dance in Haze on London-based label Astral Ritual, on February 1.

Featuring a penchant for the morose downtempo vibes of witch house 2.0., with a similar propensity for maintaining anonymity, the Gdańsk-based DJ offers little in terms of a bio, instead channeling their character in to these “cross-generic” tracks like ‘Back to Uluwatu’.

Whatever’s meant by ‘generic’ there’s something familiar about the rappers featured on Dance in Haze under pseudonyms, as ‘Moth’ on this one brings pan-cultural reference points to the title’s Balinese sea temple and extrapolates on them in an consciously and uncomfortably ambivalent manner.

See the Astral Ritual website for details. **