An Evening with the Internet @ IRL Club, Jan 20

, 20 January 2014

A great way to make things very awkward, very quickly in a non-virtual space is to talk about the internet. But under some circumstances it’s okay. For example, when The New Inquiry editor and blogger Adrian Chen hosts ‘An Evening with the Internet’ as part of the IRL Club at Brooklyn’s Baby’s All Right, January 20.

Featuring presentations by Leon ChangCatherine FrazierDaniel Kolitz and Mark Slutsky, and between the melancholy moments of comment boards on Slutsky’s Sad YouTube and the literalness of Kolitz’s The Printed Internet -not mentioning Frazier’s AnimatedText gifs -the event promises  to give a fairly varied take on the online with hopefully none, or at least less of the awkwardness.  **

See the IRL Club Facebook event for details. **

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