Alma Alloro @ Transfer Gallery, Jan 4 – 25

, 29 December 2013

Berlin-based artist Alma Alloro will be presenting a solo exhibition Apophenia at Brooklyn’s Transfer Gallery, running from January 4 to 25, 2014.

Inspired by what in the video below is called an LTV (lowtekvision) -a device used to help the vision-impaired with viewing printed matter -the show presents hand drawings and animations exploring the imperfections of the human hand, its aesthetic effects and how it can be integrated with digital technology. Aphophenia itself is named after the experience of “seeing patterns or connections in random or meaningless data”, so expect a critical look at the aformentioned subject, while the fact that LTV also happens to stand for the “lifetime value” of a customer in marketing could lend itself to the following Alloro quote:

In its afterlife, the device exposes a ubiquitous short sightedness, rendering users of every generation blind to other potential (mis)uses of technology.”

The exhibition will also include a publication featuring an essay by Daniel Rourke.

See the Transfer Gallery website for details. **