AFRICΛN AMERICANA † – ‘Halloween In July (FVZZLGHT mix)’

, 26 November 2013

US production duo from Georgia, Amadeus Alexander and Tommy $uperior, of African Americana reclaim the white colonial ‘Americana’ in the same oxymoronic terms as the nebulous “Native American” tradition from which it draws, according to Alexander himself. As an aesthetic that appropriates the continent’s indigenous tradition, add the ‘African’ to the ‘Americana’ and you not only have another antithetical term but a subversion of said appropriation while applying, hip hop, anime, cyberpunk and tech noir themes for a “trillwave” sound.

Find African Americana in the murky depths between A$AP Rocky and GuMMy†Be△R! and on the internet as part of GA-based creative collective Universal Kingdom. Listen to their gauzy, vocoder-heavy number ‘Halloween In July (FVZZLGHT mix) and note the visual similarities with The Weeknd.

See the African Americana bandcamp for full EP. **