M.I.A. drops ‘Unbreak My Mixtape’

, 21 August 2013

As the mother of all that is good in contemporary underground rap, we have a soft spot for original blipster M.I.A.. Despite the “radical chic” accusations and the incident with the swearing and the Superbowl (actually, because of them), M.I.A. wins full respect for remaining resolutely herself, while being emulated the world over.

Hence, our excitement every time she releases just a hint of her forever forthcoming new album Mathangi, now set for a release November 5 on Interscope, especially since the song and video for ‘Bring the Noize‘ (particularly the gold edition) were so good. This short number Unbreak My Mixtape strikes an uncharacteristically sombre note, featuring tear jerkers from Karen Dalton and Blur, as M.I.A. consoles us with “while I get my life sorted, here’s a mixtape”. Thank you. **