☯l₫ Ұ☢Ü₦G – ‘FUBU & Versace’ video

, 31 July 2013

More blurred distinctions between practices from LA store Freak City with this soundtrack to their own range, by ☯l₫ Ұ☢Ü₦G, featuring production by Yung Orca that is all about ‘FUBU & Versace’.

On trend with appropriated logos and all things to twerk to, the store shamelessly appropriates said clothing labels and a musical style, in this lumbering ode to the material and the immaterial worlds, which -like music, advertising and art alike -are increasingly becoming the same thing, aqnb interviewee Babak Radboy‘s own Shanzhai Bienniale being another perfect example. See the video below, or download ‘FUBU & Versace’ from the Freak City website. **