Janelle Monáe – ‘Dance Apocalyptic’ video

, 3 July 2013

The suit and coif has come off for Janelle Monáe‘s new video for ‘Dance Apocalyptic’ where she lets her hair down for a rollicking anthem. She’s no longer an emotionless android and now the vivacious “electric lady” of her upcoming album The Electric Lady, out on September 10.

Giving life to her alter ego and stature to her mimickry of Rock n Roll machismo, Monáe features at the centre of an all girl group, amongst a fan girl crowd. Pushing further away from the androgyne android to the macho she-male, it’s looking like her Afrofuturist leanings might be a thing of the past but we certainly hope not. See the ‘Dance Apocalyptic’ video below. **