Zola Jesus – ‘Avalanche (Slow)’

, 27 June 2013

Despite what the electro-goth leanings of her earlier releases might have you believe, the thing that distinguishes Zola Jesus (aka Nika Roza Danilova) from her 2011-ish counterparts, who followed witch house and drag with some more distincitvely post-industrial sounds, is her voice. An incredible performer live, Danilova’s stage presence is comparable to Diamanada Galas, if not so abjectly, and this slow-burning track, from a collaboration with Versions, out on Sacred Bones, August 20, is perfect example.

This time around her voice on ‘Avalanche’ (first released on 2011’s Conatus) doesn’t need to battle with the instrumentals for attention. Instead, the orchestral swell bathes a more contemplative voice in the supportive milieu recorded after Danilova enlisted composer JG Thrilwell of Foetus to arrange her typically electronic compositions for string quartet to be performed at New York’s Guggenheim. Hear the track and see the Versions track listing below. **

01. Avalanche (Slow)
02. Fall Back
03. Hikikomori
04. Run Me Out
05. Seekir
06. Sea Talk
07. Night
08. In Your Nature
09. Collapse
10. Vessel [CD Bonus]
11. Avalanche [Digital Bonus]

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