King Deluxe – Year Two

, 10 December 2012

Canadian label & collective King Deluxe (home of  highly talented individuals such as Fancy Mike or the experimental R&B project EVY JANE) have survived another year in this extremely competitive world of independent labels and self-produced DIY projects. A second year they’re willing to celebrate with the release of a new birthday album, this year freely downloadable to everyone.

The net-label run by Peter Krahn in British Columbia has concentrated quite a unique list of artists from all around the world and while most of their releases are distributed for free, this past year we saw their first vinyl release and the digital distribution of some of their most popular artists.

Year 2 cover. Artwork by HR-FM
Year 2 cover. Artwork by HR-FM (clip animated by Henning M. Lederer) 

On top of this great compilation this past week we also got the official clip of Almandine’s catchy Fade Away, which also happens to be included in Year Two.


1. Option Command – 3000 Clones
2. Julien Mier – Glorious Pencil Drops
3. Aleph – Melt of Time (Limonious Remix)
4. Calvin Cardioid – Phoneline
5. Alphabets Heaven – Hands Up
6. Alphabets Heaven – Soul Dancing (Jacob 2-2 Remix)
7. Almandine – Fade Away
8. Alphabets Heaven – Darma (Kwala’s Headshotboyz Reremix)
9. Julien Mier – Glide, Sail, Float (Ft. Myrthe van de Weetering)(Kit Downes Remix)
10. Aleph – Messa (a-moll)


1. Fancy Mike – Actress
2. Muta – Movie Hour
3. Aleph – Omerta (22:22 Remix)
4. A Thousand Years – Bake Take (Mouch Remix)
5. A Thousand Years – Where I Wanna Be (Allmostt Remix)
6. Calvin Cardioid – Lullaby For A Nameless Creature (HISTIBE Remix)
7. Almandine – Fade Away (Das Robbie Remix)
8. A Thousand Years – Wheel of Fortune
9. Fancy Mike – Superman (S-2 Remix)