The Prism

, 21 March 2012

Another mp3 you may not buy for yourself but it’s always good to give better than to get right? Nicolas Jaar‘s newest contribution to the musicverse isn’t a second album… or one another EP… but a hardware device itself!

Much like Parte LLC’s Playbutton, the PRISM wants to make music tangible … as in… give Valentin Stip, Just Friends and Jaar’s list of trakcs an object vivification. The little cube (which doesn’t levitate unfortunately) is the first step of Nicolas’ record label (and other things)  “Clown & Sunset” into the art&technology production.

The Prism by CSA
The Prism by CSA

The mp3 which should be released May 1st for $40 wants you not only to use it as a mere decoration object… but as an experience to be shared with another living creature capable of holding a pair of headphones. the Prism has 2  headphone jacks which conform a central whole which to look through… and when you’re with that special living creature.. you both plug your headphone’s connectors in some sort of love ritual. Romantic isn’t it? Shame it wasn’t released last month!