a urban terrorist

, 29 August 2011

In a  world of self-taught artists where the DIY scene is increasingly popular (and dominant) in most disciplines it’s really hard to stand out and get noticed.

Jason is one of the most prolific American “Urban Pranksters” describing himself as an urban alchemist, rapid prototyper & mischief maker… one of those public silence terrorists mastering the art of city hacks & participatory mobs as part of his membership to the now ubiquitous Improv Everywhere collective.

After last week’s Kickstarter parody we decided to find out more about this New Yorker who is capable of creating some blasting triumphs while capable of holding some world records!!! … like his “Most Pineapple Tosses Between Two People Singing ‘Camptown Races’ In One Minute“.

one of his public takeovers in Madrid @ Bus stop ad

Jason is also a multi-shit artist (multi-talented for those unfamiliar with our expression) who besides working @ New York’s Museum of the Moving Image and creating senseless Venn diagrams tries to do some Good by bringing unconventional surprises to The Big Apple formatted & regurgitated working routines.

Participating in a large number of projects and events  Mr Eppink keeps refreshing the sometimes too academic artistic environment. Take the “The Shadow Machine” from last year’s Underbelly Project for example (the underground street-art exhibition in an abandoned NY subway station). A hand-made analog projection system that reanimates two blacksmiths from the late 1800’s; projecting ghostly figures hammer away in complete darkness at the far end of the platform, ever-toiling spirits working on a never-finished station that was abandoned generations ago….

Half way between Dr Jekyll and a sales manager you never know if Jason is laughing at or with you… but he knows how to entertain so if you happen to be around for his next prank or artistic experiment let him trick you, you’ll probably leave the room with a big smile.

always helpful as one of the TOP Pro Pants representatives