shorts on the go

, 5 August 2011

We know a bit about “shorts on the go”, “take away shows” or “sushi films”, our French friend Vincent Moon (Mathieu) knows a bit about this too and has been filming single-shot performances for years @ his Blogoteque. Now you and your Upian friends have a competitor Vincent!

Or sort of, or not really but… nearly! ComicCinema are Korean sushi films (what’s their equivalent of sushi there?) which attempt to portrait the comic scene in South Korea each 2 months. Not that we’re very used to Korean comics (yet!) but this is one good thing about globalization.

Diary of a shooting Angkko (extract)

Yorick & Hwang Woo Hyun  went for a quick talk with Ancco (Choi Gyeong-jin) who is not only popular in SKorea but in over here in Europe too, where’s she’s seen a few of her works being published (France, Spain, Germany…). Hopefully they’ll interview Park Kun-woong (the one behind Massacre at Nokunri) next!

Besides their shorts (2nd one should come shortly) you should definitely check their blog too, a good source for the trending South Korean comic scene.