Showdown New York – on-line

, 26 January 2011

When a competition has success it’s highly, very, most likely to be repeated year after year. Or in the case of Saatchi gallery’s on-line “Showdown”, every month!

The new edition closes tomorrow morning its entry period and will open one minute after (10:00 am) for us all to vote for a couple of weeks until February 7th… first round, and then until Feb. 12th for the finalists.

Lou Marcellin... by Lou Marcellin
The joy of convict by Evgeniya Maltceva

This time there’s a dedicated topic… New York; well actually not (we wish).  We keep mentioning Saatchi’s on-line project because, just like Behance network & many others is a great way (and nowadays the best) to discover art & talented young individuals (besides our website of course).

Rules, prices, conditions? Same as last time, and the one before, and the next, although this one the winning works will be on display and up for sale at the SCOPE Art Fair in New York City from March 2, 2011 – March 6, 2011 (hence, the NY aspect).

Opera by Adam Brant

Sounds even better than the last one right?  Well go & have a relaxed tea while voting then.