Puzzle Agent

, 22 December 2010

There’s nothing like a good puzzle, which keeps yourself from asking impertinent questions. And if it has Graham Annable’s dark creepy creepy style…. even better….

You’ll be taking the role of  Nelson Tethers from the FBI’s Puzzle Research Division who arrived to Scoggins (Minnesota) trying to solve the city’s mistery.

The strange case of Scoggins plunges Tethers into a mystery that will challenge every ounce of his expertise, and possibly his very wits too. He must overcome brainteasers at every turn, including mazes, logic puzzles and riddles, and he soon realizes that these – along with the clinically pre-occupied townspeople, secret societies, and mysterious sounds from the forest – are intimately connected to the core conundrum. And what’s with the gnomes?

Plentiful puzzles to challenge your neurons. See if you can find every puzzle to solve the mystery of Scoggins — mazes, logic, riddles, brainteasers and more. We think that $10 for this game may be a bit too much, but again the studio behind it (Telltale) have nothing to prove (Dan Connors and Kevin Bruner) when it comes to developing successful & engaging games.

“Investigate the strange, peculiar and mind-boggling to crack the case! Your discoveries provide clues to the larger mystery crippling the town, or uncover puzzles that must be solved to reveal answers … or even more questions. Hunting for Hints: Chewing gum helps Agent Tethers think and solve. Find and collect gum wads around the town to uncover hints if you get “stuck” in any puzzles”.

Intriguing right?  More info on their website.