Graham Annable

the art of Grickle

6 April 2011

Mr Annable has developed a very dark obsession lately, drawing hideous dwarfs to perturb children’s minds, so they wee their beds and wake up their parents with their high-pitched cries at night. He’s one of those artists with too many dark secrets, who would probably have been burnt for diabolical practices several centuries ago. But he was born in the 70s, way after the disbandment of the Spanish Inquisition, so in our current jolly, holy, colourful world we shall consider his art more like an endangered species.

"The Children of the Night and their Dad" (Graham's "doodles" are less well known but just as good as his animation)

He calls it humor, we think it has more to do with his membership to the secret society of nightmares&otherobscurearts. They gather once a year in Texas just after SXSW and plan the next season’s horror trend, and it looks like 2011 is all about dwarfs.

Well, we’re a bit unsure about the picture above, but what we do know is that despite drawing most of his Grickle characters as children of Nosferatum, Mr Annable (in his previous life as an ordinary human) used to be a leading animator @ Lucas Arts, and his cartoons or character designs for Nickelodeon & Walt Disney didn’t make us shiver as much.

Nearly a year after the publication of his “Book of Grickle” under Dark Horse and after the release of his very personal game “Puzzle Agent” with Telltale Games it looks like the Grickleverse is far from imploding… so we went to ask Graham about it…

Hi Graham, thanks for dedicating us a few of your minutes, mind a few obscure questions?

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